About Us

Who We Are

Outsourced Technology Solutions is a industry leading Managed Service Provider. We are dedicated to offering our clients leading technology support at a cost any company can afford. By providing support to all devices connected to the online world, we suit the needs of both personal and business clients. We offer a variety of support methods such as on-site, in-shop, remote, or by phone/email. Whether it’s hardware or software, we can support it. Our team specializes in compliance serivices for HIPAA, PCI, NIST 800-171a, and many other smaller compliance regulations.

Community Highlights

In addition to our hard work and commitment to our clients, we take pride in giving back to the local community through volunteer and charity work and in-kind support given to non-profits. We’re also proud members of the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club of Tallahassee. As well as being members of the CompTIA IT security community Executive Board, which is made up of 21 industry leading experts who help to oversee and coordinate the CompTIA security community.

What Makes Us Different?

When you partner with a Manage Services Provider, you begin a relationship made up of equal parts technology and trust. The technology can be specified, but the trust has to be earned. With our flat rate, scalable service model you know what you’re spending and why. Our flat fee gives you a simple, stable way to budget IT operational expenses. While our broad range of coverage takes care of every aspect of your compliance requirements, and IT systems from infrastructure, network, telephone, internet, line of business application support. Combined with our Vendor Management service that takes care of everything for you like we were an internal IT department, at far less cost!


Outsourced Technology Solutions partners with vendors from across the industry to deliver value-added solutions to our offerings. We work with our partners to satisfy compliance needs and help grow our client’s businesses. We give our clients the resources to satisfy their needs and ensure their on-going compliance. This way we help provide value and protection to our clients, offering through our Compliance-as-a-Solution we call our HIPAA Security Officer Services or HIPAA SOS.

Why Compliance?

Healthcare is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the US economy. Comprising over 26% of the US economy, spread across 5 million business, opportunities in healthcare are only growing. And with 80% of healthcare made up of small-to-mid-size businesses, the market needs a compliance solution that’s effective without a heavy financial burden that comes with consultants or other solutions. With the increasingly digital nature of medical data, healthcare professionals are more at risk of cyber-liability than ever before. Forbes reports that healthcare data is worth up to three times more than financial data alone in the hands of hackers. Healthcare data collected by small-to-mid-size practices is worth just as much as data collected by enterprise hospital systems–but without the resources to match, smaller healthcare organizations are at more risk now than ever before, facing damage to their reputation, federal fines, and civil liability in the event of a breach. Outsourced Technology Solutions serves the growing needs of the healthcare market with our HIPAA SOS offering. Users can confidently satisfy their compliance and cybersecurity requirements to keep their sensitive health care data safe.

Who We Work With

Outsourced Technology Solutions is the industry leader in HIPAA compliance. We help health care professionals, providers, and vendors across the industry implement effective HIPAA compliance programs. HIPAA regulation identifies two different types of organizations under the law. Covered entities include providers, insurance plans, and health care clearinghouses. Business associates include any organization hired to handle sensitive health information, including IT providers, MSPs, faxing services, shredding services, EHR platforms, secure messaging apps, practice management firms, billing and coding companies, attorneys, and accountants, to name a few. We are here to help both covered entities and business associates become confident in their HIPAA compliance.