HIPAA Compliance for Business Associates

Differentiate your business with HIPAA compliance!

  • Achieve HIPAA Compliance
  • Confidently Sign BAAs
  • Gain Healthcare Clients
  • Differentiate your Business
  • Earn a Verifiable HIPAA Seal of Compliance
  • Keep Existing Healthcare Clients

Differentiate your business with HIPAA compliance!

A Business Associate’s responsibilities under HIPAA has been the same as a Covered Entity’s since the HIPAA Omnibus Rule was first passed in 2013. Under Omnibus, a Business Associate is liable for breaches and subject to the same fines and penalties from the HHS/OCR as a Covered Entity in regards to HIPAA compliance and data security. Business Associates have begun to realize that they must be compliant, and many have already begun marketing their HIPAA compliance to differentiate themselves and gain clients.

Under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, Business Associates fall under the same requirements and liabilities that Covered Entities do. Our complete solution is designed for Business Associates so they can confidently achieve HIPAA compliance and work with healthcare accounts.
If you work with even a single healthcare clients, you need to be HIPAA compliant. Each of your clients will require not only a Business Associate Agreement, but also technical due diligence on your behalf. Being able to sign these agreements will limit both parties liabilities as well as increase your chance of winning healthcare clients.

In order to be HIPAA compliant you need a Business Associate Agreement with anyone who comes in contact with PHI.  Due to this you are required to be HIPAA compliant in order to work with any healthcare client. The ability to sign a BAA creates a new demand for vendors and can help you rise above your competitors; this combined with displaying our industry recognized seal has increased our clients conversion dramatically.

Being HIPAA compliant can be the defying factor when choosing a vendor. Being able to provide all documentation, sign all agreements, and pass a due diligence questionnaire can make or break a relationship with a Covered Entity. Stand apart from all other vendors with a complete compliance program and the ability to illustrate it.

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance has become an industry standard for verifying HIPAA compliance. Our clients use this seal not only on their website, but for marketing materials, email signatures, and at their physical location. Using the seal gives your visitors confidence that you are HIPAA compliant and can increase your conversion!

Whether you have already signed a BAA but are not sure where you stand with compliance or have healthcare clients that do not have one in place, you are increasing your liability under HIPAA. Offering or advertising HIPAA compliance and the ability to sign these agreements, helped many of our clients increase their retention and keep customers happy.